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Website Maintenance/Support Pricing

We operate on a system known as “Support Blocks,” where 1 block equals a half hour of time (30 minutes). This setup allows us to take a backup, complete your task, and conduct thorough testing and reporting. If the task is straightforward and well-defined, we can accomplish a lot within a 30-minute block.

Here’s what we typically do in our process:

  1. Receive – Look over what we received, and make sure we have a clear understanding of what needs to be done.
  2. Backup – Take a backup of the page or website so if something would go wrong, we can take it back to how it was.
  3. Execute – Do the required work (change pages, images, work with a form… whatever).
  4. Test – Check that the work was done properly and works well in different web browsers/devices.
  5. Report – Log the work that was done, and write up/send a report.

We’re quick and careful to ensure the job is done right. If there’s a mistake, we’ll fix it at no extra cost. Plus, our team is great at keeping you in the loop.