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Eliminate Form Spam with CAPTCHA

Incorporating Forms on Your Site? Got “CAPTCHA?”

If your website features any form, chances are you’ll inevitably encounter the nuisance of “form spam.”

This problem can happen with various forms on your site—like blog post comments, the Contact Us form, or inquiry forms. Spammers use “spambots” that search the internet for website forms. Once they find a form, these bots sneak in and start sending spam. They hope their submissions will show up on a forum or platform, giving them a place for their links. They’re not interested in forms without forums or blogs since those messages don’t concern them. Even if only a few of these messages get through, it’s a win for them.

Your business becomes a target for this spam attack on forms. The messages might be unclear or too long. You could start receiving around 10 messages a day, and it might increase to 20, 50, or even more. It can be really annoying.

Good news! There’s a solution to deal with almost all, if not all, of these form spam attacks. It’s called “CAPTCHA,” short for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” Simply put, it requires users to enter the characters and digits shown in an image, proving they’re human. CAPTCHA is highly effective and has the power to stop form spam intrusion.

When we’re developing new website software for your requirements, making sure to include CAPTCHA is essential. If we’re adding CAPTCHA to existing software on your site, please be aware that this might slightly extend the development timeline. However, the advantages of having CAPTCHA are significant. This thoughtful implementation boosts your business’s efficiency by reducing and, ideally, eliminating such troublesome inconveniences.

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